We are happy to inform you that the Central library has subscribed to the online AI-based comprehensive English learning platform "LANQUILL".

Communication in English is important for all, be it technical paper writing, quizzes, semester exams, internship interviews, project reports, placement interviews and general interaction with peers. The AI-inspired LANQUILL tool is suitable for all levels of learners. It helps students to express ideas clearly in an academic and professional format. And real-time speech analyzer helps improve your accent and pronunciation and also grammar checker to help explore all aspects of your writing, including sentence structure, sentence length, writing style, punctuation, voice, and much more.

Features of LANQUILL

  • Online Language Lab: You can access comprehensive language lab anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • My Library : You can access more than 500 hours of learning with self-paced guides and multi-media content
  • Native Language Support: Improve your understanding of English grammar through your mother lounge language
  • Those who are keen in undergoing formal Certification, there are 7 level certifications which can be undergone in a self-paced manner.
    1. Grammar Assessment -Foundation level Topics
    2. Vocabulary Assessment - Higher Elementary level
    3. Listening Skill Assessment
    4. Reading Skill Assessment
    5. Speaking Skill Assessment
    6. Writing Skill Assessment
    7. Adaptive Assessments


If you are interested in receiving access to the LANQUILL platform, you are requested to fill in the Google doc form expressing your interest (only using your smail ID). This will help the Librarian to create an ID for you.

Once you register and after login you can see My language LAB dashboard where all the following features are available.

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammer
  • Quiz
In case you need any clarification, please write to, with a copy to (request for creating ID only through Google Doc)